Is Celebrate with the Incredibles currently operational?

Hey there. I am making my TP for HS and it says I can add Celebrate with the Incredibles but according to WDW’s website it is currently not operational. Which one is it? :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any insight when Pixar’s character meetings will be back up and running again?


It has not returned post Covid yet. Not hints that I’ve seen.

As of today, that whole are is still shuttered. No shops open or anything.

I am really shocked that so much is still closed or lessened at Disney.

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But, really, except for the international people, they didn’t just disappear. I heard that Disney was bad to employees at the lock-down, so maybe they did disappear in that sense. I’ve also heard that they want to give part-time hours but expect full-time availability. So, maybe they are having self-inflicted staffing issues.

But, in my area, I don’t see staffing shortages. Even at the retail, restaurant, theme park level. For example, we went on one of the last days the local Six Flags water park was open for the year. Completely staffed, everything open, and even where they could save on employees they didn’t. For example, the parking booths had two people in each instead of having one person do left then right. Everyone was also nice and cheery.

Everywhere here in hospitality/entertainment/tourism sectors are under staffed.

Almost every restaurant and retail store in our area (suburban Philadelphia) have signs up looking for people.