Is BOG lunch worth it?

So i have a 2:20 lunch reservation for BOG. I haven’t included in on my TP. Not sure if we want to go. Party of 10. Nothing really looks like I have to have. I wouldn’t mind trying the grey stuff and maybe another dish. My wife doesn’t care to go. We prolly would only buy a few meals/desserts as a snack and not do a meal.

We are already over-budget on some food overall for the trip. Not too badly, but I assume it might grow a little bit more.

So my questions to you liners… Is it really worth my extra out of pocket costs (not on DDP) to see the details and imagineering, or just save the money and go into the “don’t know what i am missing so no loss” kind of attitude.

Personally, i would like to see the inside of the castle but the money/time involved makes it a little off-putting. Thoughts?

If you want to see the inside of the castle, lunch is the least expensive meal to do it (unless you do breakfast and just order cupcakes). I actually enjoy lunch at BOG–it’s better food than most QS locations at MK.


If you are a BatB fan then it is a must do just for the castle theming. It’s really beautiful. The food is fine, but you can get good food all over WDW. I would consider cancelling a couple QS meals just to eat here because I’m a fan of the theme. I’ve done lunch & dinner at BOG and lunch is the best value.

IMHO - If you don’t really love BatB and are more concerned with your budget and the food selections, it can be skipped.


We loved lunch at BOG on our last trip, probably our favourite QS meal. Thought the food was fantastic. We actually go more for the food than the theme since we’ve been in the castle three times now. But if the menu doesn’t appeal to you I would probably skip it.


We were less than impressed with the castle. It was quite dark.

It’s tied for my favorite QS lunch in MK - but wins because it’s got air-conditioning and ambiance. When I get my other favorite, Casey’s corn dog nuggets, I have to find a table in the heat. Bleh.
Even if you just wanted to have dessert there and pay out of pocket I’d keep it. There’s nothing like a nice seat in the air to have a cold drink. I go in August though so that influences my decision. And I always like the food. Make sure to order in advance though, even if it’s just an hour ahead, because then you don’t have to stand in line to order inside.


I would. Like others said…you don’t have to order an entree. Just get a dessert and then you can check out the castle.


if you don’t go to bog for lunch, will you go to another qs? i ask because the castle environment is a nice alternative compared to other qs locations. for the setting alone, it was a treat to see inside the castle and still pay qs prices. the bog food at lunch was good—i had no complaints nor did anyone in my group. it’s on par with other qs options. you have the reservation, which is the hard part, but definitely pre-order otherwise you’ll likely still have to wait in a long line to order. with pre-order, you jump right to the front, pay, and head into the seating areas.

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currently reworking plans and hitting BOG for dessert…the gray stuff, i here it is delicious. But yes, we will be hitting other QS during the day. For that day, we have cosmic ray and columbia harbor house. Will be hitting egg roll wagon, gastons, and CP on other days.

Trip in October, haven’t booked it for lunch, but thought about it. I have heard people say that it is hard to find a clean table for your group, and we will be a group of 7. Would probably have to give up lunch at LTT and I am not really willing to give up dessert in LTT. Or, give up late breakfast at 1900. Is it chaotic to find a table? Is it as loud as some people say? Ate there twice for dinner in 2014, but my DD, DSin law, and 2 DGD have not seen it.

We went in May and ordered two different meals and split the food so we try some of each. Ended up being one of my favorite meals.


We went in May and had 1:30 pm reservations, there was lots tables open in the two side rooms, but I did notice that it was getting pretty crowded as we left.

I have done 1 dinner and 1 lunch at BOG. Lunch was so dark and crowded and noisy that I would not care to repeat that experience. Dinner, before it switched to price fixed, was way better.

A happy wife is a happy life. :slight_smile:

A happy wife is a happy life.

True dat. She is indifferent on the place. I made some plans to include it actually. Dropped riding 7dMT. I just can’t see us, first day at MK and standing in line during a post EEMH and waiting 44 minutes to ride a 3 minute ride. Opens up ALOT of time. Might jump in line for 7dmt after HEA. Wait is longer but park will be closed.

off site, so entry @ 8am after 1 hour of EEMH.

On the other hand, I enjoyed BOG theming WAY better than CRT which needs a serious refurb to modernize it