Is Biergarten worth the price for picky eater kids?

Biergarten looks like fun but I’m not convinced it is worth the near $50 price per person. My kids are 11 & 13 and I am doubtful they will find much to eat in the buffet. I’d rather not spend $50 on them to eat pretzels and mac n cheese. Will the show make up for the price of the food they won’t eat? Is there a bar where we could get a drink and watch the show without eating the buffet?

We were there for dinner with my picky DH, less than adventurous eater adult DS, a 3.5 year old, a 13 month old plus 3 more adults who are more willing to try new things. Everyone filled their plates more than once, soup was delicious, pretzel bread, potato salads, meats, desserts. It is on everyone’s must do list for our next trip. Show was great. I think that you have to have a dining reservation to see the show. Be sure to check TP to see the show times. I put it in my plan so that I could see show times. We went with a 5:15 reservation so that we would be sure to be seated and eating for the 5:55 performance.

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Biergarten was one of the pleasant surprises we had last year. The showtimes change occasionally, but today for instance during the dinner hours they were at 4:45, 5:55, 7:00, and 8:05 (listed here under Oktoberfest Musikanten). I think you’ll pretty much be guaranteed to see the oompah band no matter what time you go for dinner, unless you go super late.

It was a big hit with our DS5 and DS2 for the hotdogs and mac and cheese. I also thought the food was pretty good for a buffet. We were on the dining plan, so it made sense, especially since it included a beer (or other drink). I don’t know if I’d do it if I were paying OOP.

The place is filled with long communal tables, so if your group is smaller than 8 people or so, you’ll probably have other people seated with you. I’m pretty sure there is no bar where you can just sit on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Would you chose this over Rose and Crown?

Some would say no table service meal at WDW is worth the price.

Biergarten has been on our fav list for decades. Youngest grandson still talks about his first visit when he was 3 yrs old - more than 25 years ago.

It’s dinner and a show - most kids are on board with that.

We don’t have many picky eaters in our group but I’ve helped others plan Disney visits who are picky eaters. Biergarten remains on their lists as well.

Many of the choices are familiar looking.

I would eat here over Rose & Crown but then it’s been awhile since we ate at R&C. Tables are too close together. Menu isn’t as fun as it used to be.

We always figure we’ll try a new restaurant once. We don’t have to go back.

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Every time.

Everyone seems to rave about Biergarten here but our group was extremely underwhelmed. Maybe we just caught it on a bad day.

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I wouldn’t think that German food would be a problem with picky eaters. After all, it is mostly Meat and Potatoes.

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My kids (ages 4 and 7) loved Biergarten. The food was good, and the show was a lot of fun. And the inside of the restaurant was impressive. I cannot recommend this place enough. FYI, you cannot see the show if you are not dining there.

this thread made me add biergarten! Are show times pretty similar? i grabbed a 5:30-- so hopefully show is at 5:55…

My kids are a little bit picky but they ate well at Biergarten. I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe they were really hungry because it was pretty late. We all really enjoyed the band and I’m not easily impressed but they were really good. It’s on my list of must sees now.

Absolutely. R&C was not great, IMO. My DD and I really enjoyed Biergarten, and she’s pretty picky. The grapefruit beer was delicious. :slight_smile:

I agree…We went once in 2011…Found the food flat and same-ish…Kids 6&9 at the time didn’t eat much…I don’t even remember what we paid…Wouldn’t pay $50 for it today. We had a later rez and hit the tail end of the show but still had to pay full price.

I would choose this over Rose and Crown every time. My kids aren’t that picky but it was difficult for everyone to find something to eat at Rose and Crown but everyone loved Biergarten. The show was great and like others have said, they filled their plates more than once. Scoring a table with an Illuminations view was awesome when we went to Rose and Crown but I wouldn’t dine there again.

I went a couple weeks ago with some picky eaters. At first glance some of them turned their noses up at the offerings, but on a second pass they decided that applesauce, a slice of pork, and some macaroni and cheese wasn’t that weird after all. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for your replies everyone!

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We haven’t found it to be worth it for our family, not even now when they’re all in their 20’s.

They like the food just fine, but the quality (ok), setting (fun, but crowded) and amount (low) they consume has never really worked for us.

Really, pretty much all buffets fall into this category for our family. I’d rather pay more for a nicer environment, or less just because we eat less. The middle ground of a buffet just doesn’t suit us. That’s also why we’ve only done two character meals ever.

If you like buffets, though, I think it is really great. The variety will certainly appeal to most any kid.

You know, I thought the quality had slipped a bit when we went back this last May. Although perhaps it was because we’d already been to Raglan Road on that trip, which has similar cuisine and is a very hard act to follow!

Had lunch there on 2/14 with my DW, DS2 & DS4. both my boys loaded up on mac/cheese., the spaetzle, which are little egg noodles, and pretzel rolls as well as some desserts. Only drawback was we ate at noon and the band doesn’t come on until after 1pm. All the table service restaurants are overpriced, but we knew that when going in. We factored in the ability to sit in a/c for awhile as well as knowing exactly when we would eat.