Is BBB tied to resort reservation?

Is BBB tied to a resort reservation? My sister made all of the plans and now she is backing out. We were going the exact same dates but she used her reservation number when she called.

I would call and check just to be safe.

Thanks I called and they said it wasn’t tied to the resort reservation.

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It’s also worth noting that it doesn’t show up on MDE, so make sure you keep the Confirmation number safe. What I’ve done is use the “add note” note option within MDE’s website for that day so I can easily find the BBB reservation

I don’t think I gave them a resort reservation number when I booked.

My daughter did BBB a while ago. It was $200 and - to be perfectly honest - worth every last dime. The Fairy Godmother was slow (I think she was new) but wonderful and made my daughter feel like the most important person around.

So this was an extra extra extra special treat - and something that was quite literally a “once in a lifetime” event - and it was great. Enjoy!!!