Is Anna and Elsa meet reopening in June?

I was putting together an EPCOT touring plan for June 1 2021, is Anna and Elsa reopening by June 1st (accounting for the larger crowds?) or is that an error of some sorts? Turtle Talk by Crush also appears on this schedule.

Does this mean meet and greets come back June 1st? That seems unlikely to me but not sure?

Yeah there are lots of discrepancies like this starting June 1. TP will probably be removing them unless Disney makes an announcement or they know rumors we don’t. But I haven’t been planning any of that. I have two suggestions. Make two plans with and without currently closed attractions just in case. Or you can make it with all the stuff and if it ends up being closed TP usually removes it and will make you redo your plan. You’ll get that note about you cannot optimize because an attraction is closed on your date



The above response from @jennyturin is on-point. If nothing formal has been announced about an attraction’s future opening, you might be able to to add it to a personalized touring plan for a future date. However, that does not necessarily imply that we have information suggesting that the attraction will be available on that future date.

If you look at our “closures” page for Walt Disney World (, you should see a list of closed attractions, along with their re-opening days. If they say “unknown” or “the future,” Disney has not announced when they will open.

At some point we may try to display this attraction uncertainty in our touring plan software. It would avoid potential confusion. We’ve ended up with a lot more attraction uncertainty over the past year than we ever expected!


It seems like TP has not revised (crowd levels, data, attraction lists, etc.) past May 31. That may have been the random cutoff when they initially did post-COVID predictions or it may be when they think some things will change due to vaccine rollout. It seems summer is difficult to plan for with this issue as well as the unknown about park hours. Park hours doesn’t just change what you can get done in a day, it also changes desired ADR times, whether breaks are possible, and whether hopping is worthwhile. All in all, difficult for this planner!!

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much agreed. And if a park closes at 5pm initially like AK or 6pm like MK it’s awful for trying to book a dinner ADR in the park. Just have lots of contingency plans for right now.

Anna & Elsa and doing some sort of distanced greet, right? TP would probably give you more time than you’d need, but you could still leave it in.

Yes they are.

But it takes a few minutes to say hi. So you can fit more in elsewhere like food booths! :wink: