Is all of Epcot really opening at the same time now?

Hey there. We are planning a trip in a few months and the calendar shows all of Epcot opening at 11. Whenever we have been, future world has always opened two hours earlier than the world showcase. Is this the new normal now?


Yes, this has been the case recently. However, keep an eye out for news cause this can change.

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I hope so. It’s hard to plan on getting to the park at 11am with a toddler then going back to nap like we normally do. It just really cuts your time in the park when it doesn’t open until 11am.


Opening hours for most of October into the first week of November have been moved to 10am (on Oct 1st & 2nd it’s 9am).

So it’s possible going forward it may be a more permanent 10am opening. Definitely keep watching. If you have your trip set up in your Touring Plans dashboard you’ll get an email when opening hours change.

Thanks so much!! Sounds like they will change. I’m sure a lot will change after October 1st. This is encouraging.

Seems like Epcot might be the most crowded park for early entry. It would seem like those that wanted to do early entry but couldn’t wake up in time for the others, would be Epcot’s.

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You’d still need a reservation for the park though. So only people who were planning to be there anyway would do it, but in terms of numbers you could well be right. That could make the decision on what to do first trickier.

I was also thinking that If Remy drops the BGs, it would make the IG very popular for early entry too, being so much closer. Up until now rope dropping at the IG was pretty much equidistant to TT or FEA as the main entrance. I can see Ubering to one of the Epcot resorts becoming much more common.

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