Is a ticket needed to practice getting a RotR boarding group?

Tried to practice this morning, and it wouldn’t let me get past selecting a party. As a matter of fact, I didn’t see a party (I would assume I would be a party of one).

Nope. In practice daily.

Keep trying, it should work.

If it let you click Join and something happened after that, that is already a pretty good sign. Just keep trying.

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It wouldn’t let me when I tried before my trip either. One nice change I did noticed was you don’t have to check off each person in your Disney wallet to join the BG, it automatically adds everyone from the reservation. It might already be like that at WDW but before Disneyland closed you had to add each person and it became a pain when you had event tickets or friends who weren’t riding. I tried yesterday in line at 7 on the dot and got BG69. The family next to us got BG24. Like everyone said keep trying!


I love that it “knows” who has reservations and will auto-add. Can’t wait for my hubs to ride for the first time!:smiley: