Is a break every 2-3 hours enough?

Shows, rides, etc…those give you a chance off your feet right? Do you go 2-3 hours from ride to ride or do you typically want breaks in there to wander around, shop, rest etc

We break whenever we feel the need. That said, while you do spend a lot of time walking and standing , it’s fair to say you spend a good deal of time sitting on rides/attractions/shows and at meals


There a whole thread recently about breaks. Might be worth a read. If you are rope dropping I’d recommend not breaking for the first 2-3 hours. You should have the stamina early and it won’t be as hot. Those first 2 hours are critical. I do however suggest that you insert a 20 minute break every 90 minutes or so to account for you running behind. Then I’d suggest you break for lunch and then play it by ear. It’s good to fit as many key attractions as to can in the first 2-3 hours and then play more by ear based in SD FPP availability and how you feel. Do continue to add in breaks every 90-120 minutes for about 20 minutes whatever you decide.

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Thanks! I’ll look again. I searched this morning and I got only results for spring break

Here it is.

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It’s really a personal thing - also a seasonal thing. Unless you have a very long trip waiting 2-3 hours before atractions means not getting to do very much…

Perfect! Thank you for the link!

For our trip this past May I did schedule in breaks but they didn’t always end up being when I thought they’d be, except for our big afternoon break.

For 5 people, synchronized potty breaks just did not work for some reason. :joy: But, the fact that they were in the plan meant we overall stayed on schedule.

I think it’s also helpful to eyeball your plan and see what kinds of snacks & drinks are around at various points. It will save time & frustration to know where the good stuff is. As we all know, the food options can vary wildly even in the same park.

For example, we started to get a little hungry/tired in Fantasyland and split up to go to Storybook and Friar Tuck because we knew that’s where the Peter Pan floats and loaded tots were, respectively. No milling about trying to decide where to go and what to get- which is the last thing you want to do when you’re hangry and tired.