Is 2 Days at UOR enough?

More so an opinion question… DH and I went to UOR once already in 2010 after Harry Potter first opened so we have already seen the Hosmeade area. However, we definitely want to go back and take time just to check it all out as we rushed it the first time. This will be our first visit with Diagon Alley open and the new Simpsons area (DH is super excited about that). We are going February 19th and 20th so during President’s Week and Mardi Gras. Crowd Calendar has both days listed at 5 each. We were considering taking a later flight on the 21st so we could have a third day… but it may be too expensive now. I made touring plans for each day and it says we should be done with all major rides by 2pm each day (we are staying onsite). It does that by saying that with our express pass that wait times will be like 2-5 minutes. When we went in 2010 it was around Veterans Day and we had much longer Express Pass lines than 5 minutes…

So I guess is two days enough? And should we be making sure to rope drop Diagon Alley (Gringotts)? My Touring Plan doesn’t suggest that. So wondering if we could sleep in one day or if we should RP both days (one at IOA and one at Universal).

Thanks all! Oh and also is Leaky Cauldron a good bite to eat? Trying to decide between that or something in the Simpsons area (mmm Krusty Burger).

Two days should be enough with a good plan, especially if you have included all the other non-WWoHP things that you want to do. To eliminate the “rush” factor I would set the Walking Speed to the slowest setting which will give you a little more time to soak in all of the atmosphere.

Re RD for Gringotts, have you let the Optimizer know that you are able to take advantage of Early Entry for on-site guests and set up your touring hours accordingly? I would think that it would have you going there first, unless it thought that you were not going to be able to do Early Entry.

Yup I put down the early magic hours. Here is a link to the plan: It wants me to ride the Hogwarts Express first and then go on the Simpsons ride and come back to Diagon Alley for Gringotts and a 40 minute wait.

I think you could do it in 2 days, but if you could swing a 3rd you’d really enjoy having some downtime, feel a little less rushed, or enjoy the resorts.

I don’t know about the Leaky Cauldron, but Krusty Burger is not great. It’s loud, chaotic, and insanely priced. Really liked the rest of the Simpsons land, but wished we hadn’t eaten at KB. 3 broomsticks is pretty good too.

One full day w/ an express pass was good for me. Did everything minus kiddy rides and a couple shows on a Level 10

Depending on crowd levels, you should be able to get a lot in on a two day ticket. We did four days last time we were there and we rode everything multiple times.

Depends if you are focusing in rides like at WDW then yes but we spent 4 hours in Hogsmead last time browsing shop windows and shops ( Book of monsters that is alive quidditch sticks that move) eating icecream listening to the choir sing and taking in all the details like Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom. There is so much Non Ride HP stuff that I would suggest another day or half day. Looking for references to other films is fun also ( Jaws reference in Diagon Alley )

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