iOS 11 and Chat

@len, I haven’t updated yet but there have been a few posts in chat. Was there a “work around” to allow posts in chat? Does it work ok in the forum? Thanks!

Or will iOS11 be the nail in the coffin that finally kills off Chat… :wink:

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Len posted a work around, it was something like switching off smart quotes in keyboard settings. But I haven’t updated to ios11 yet so I can’t check.

I did not update either but knew from those initial posts it is an issue.

Ok- I just spit out my coffee when I read that :wink:

Well, it would be a good excuse - blame Apple, and get rid of the massive computer overhead that is required to support Chat.

“Touring Plans Forum - all the features that Chat users kept asking for, with half the snark.”


David is working on a fix that detects the use of smart quotes. Should be out shortly (if it already isn’t).

There’s no conceivable scenario in which we’d get rid of Chat. :slight_smile:


Thanks @PrincipalTinker for reply in chat - stilll can’t reply to you there but other replies worked earlier. Don’t know what smart quotes are but will look up tomoro. I’m getting message that chat is for in park only if I try to reply. Worse on DLR chat than WDW.

Yes, that is the issue and the fix here has been reported to address that issue!

As of this morning, replies with fancy quotation marks (which iOS 11 likes to inject) in Lines Chat will no longer “break” the app.

Thanks to those of you who reported the issue, and thank you to everyone for your patience while we sorted this out.

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Thank you! I have been waiting to install the update!