IOA plan suggestions

We’re staying at RPR in a couple weeks. Our plan was to do HP one day and everything else the other day. On the HP day, we were going to start in US, Olivanders, eat, explore DA, rides then go to IOA on HE. Do everything on that side and go back to US for shows, take a break then watch the parade and nighttime shows.

Suggestions on a plan with Hagrids coaster? I’m not set on breakfast at US. We can eat on the go. Should we be in IOA early for the virtual queue?

Everything I have read thus far is to go directly to Hagrid’s, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. We are going to be going in January, and I am hoping that Hagrid-mania will have cooled down as I want to do a plan in line with yours.

HMCMA is packed and it doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon. They haven’t gotten the virtual queue working yet and aren’t accepting UXP. If this is a must do attraction get to IOA well before park opening and plan on this being the longest queue of the day.

If you are wanting to go park-to-park with HE, IMHO, be prepared for there to already be a long queue of people. They typically let people into the IOA park a few minutes before official opening, but you can’t get on HE at USF until official park open time. Then you have to walk the very long queue to the station, board HE and travel. I’ve done the Diagon Alley early morning trip to Hogsmeade and typically the fast RD people are already there. This is shortly followed by the rest of the RD people - about the time you arrive. I can only imagine this herd will be much more massive than usual. (Again… I’m just speculating.)


I agree with the above. In this case, I think you’re going to have to do Hagrid first, despite my usual preference for doing things in the same order Harry does them. You could always do Hagrid and then start over at USF and do your original plan.

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Here is a trip report from TPG about going the very first day, waiting 11 hours, and not getting to ride. :frowning:

We are also going in January… really a Disney trip, but hubby and 2 teen boys want to do a day at both Universal parks. We did this on our last Disney trip, and it was doable, but personally, I’d be OK with skipping it. I’m also really hoping the Hagrid’s fury has settled down… between this and SWGE hype and with ROTR not opening until sometime possibly shortly before our visit, I’m really trying not to feel discouraged about how things will go, at least regarding CL and wait times.

So, what about this: our HP plan, but without Hagrids. Then, the next day, get up early, get in line and make Hagrids our very first stop before we explore the rest of the parks? I hate to give up early entry on our first HP day just to ride one thing.


I personally think that is an ideal plan!

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Any good quick breakfast stops between RPR and IOA? I need coffee, but it would make every one happier to be munching on something if we’re just standing there. :wink:

When I stayed at RPR, I went to the grab & go in the resort and got muffins and juice to eat on the way. it opens early enough that you can get your food and still head out with plenty of time for early entry.


I think that’s going to be our plan. Though my current plan is to do the USF to IOA plan our first afternoon/evening, then early entry to Hagrid’s the next morning and anything we missed/wanted to revisit after Hagrid’s. I’m hoping by mid/late August either the virtual line is going or the lines are shorter than now.

I hope they’re shorter than now for you, too! Please report back on how it goes.

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