IOA early park admission

I just got a notification that IOA added early park admission to at least some of the days we will be there. (early February)

At the moment, at least, it has both parks opening early.

So, has anyone heard anything about this? Will Hagrid’s be included (swoons at the thought)

I’ve been ignoring the IOA early park admission recommendations because it has been USF for so long. So, I’ll need to go buff up on that.

I am totally speculating, but the Wizarding World has always been part of EE, so I would assume that would include Hagrid in theory. Unless it is on a perpetual “delayed opening”.

We are going early January when both parks have early admission. The Universal website does NOT include Hagrid’s in the list of available attractions with EE at IOA, though. :frowning: I am planning to check the app the dates before ours that both parks open early to see if Hagrid’s happens to open along with it…hopefully it will but not counting on it, sadly.

I guess we can ride a couple of rides during EA and then get into the Hagrid’s line.

I think that this is neat that our trip includes some of each park for EA.