Into the unknown meets hakuna mattata (I hope)

10 days before take off!!! I am so excited! I am going to try to do a trip report this time because it is supposed to be a relaxed trip. This is our postponed March 2020 trip when we were supposed to be celebrating our 10 year adoption day anniversary. It is myself and my DD12. Big plans back then 2 DAH events, 2 regular park days, cirque du soleil tickets, GDT. Fast forward through a very rough 15 months (that felt like 15 years) and the trip looks totally different! 7 days, 6 park days, water park days, CBR, WL, AKL. Plus add to the mix that I am leaving my job 2 days before we leave, switching careers after 30 years and starting grad school! To say I am excited/nervous is a massive understatement! Working the way I did during the pandemic really took a toll on my health (not great to begin with) and clarified for me the fact that I want to do better for my daughter. She was amazing through it all. Never once complained about the long hours and seemingly constant interruptions. As always the planning was an escape from reality for me! Thank you for all your help! Reading about everyone’s experiences was a lifeline.
I thought about postponing again but we are both vaccinated and this feels like the sweet spot for one more WDW trip before we venture out of the bubble into rest of the world. It doesn’t hurt that 15 months of using the Disney Visa covers much more than a few meals and the SW change thingie gave us $99 airfare!!!
This trip will also be different because it is all about what my kid wants to do and she wants to sleep, swim and ride roller coasters in that order. She has agreed to one RD day! I’m an early bird so I have loaded up my kindl with all the books I haven’t had a chance to read this year!
For the last week I have truly lost my mind! I’ve been obsessing over everything! We decided to do carry ons only so as to avoid baggage claim. Turns out that makes total sense for us! The online ordering has been intense: For our March trip raincoats made sense for June they would be too hot so I ordered ponchos, no balcony? no problem I ordered a beach chair to be delivered (and will be passing it on when we leave), 3 ounce rule? No problem sunscreen also being delivered. All the food for the room is in the Prime Now cart just waiting until we get to the airport.
Water shoes issue hopefully coming together! I was worried about walking all day at the water parks because I use a combo of braces and orthotics. i can get away with just orthotics if I am careful but couldn’t figure out what to do about shoes. I have finally figured it out I think! Silicone covers for the orthotics, neoprene surf socks over them and crocs! I have never worn crocs b/c I would never not wear my orthotics but this crazy combination might actually work! This way they can come off easily if needed on the ride (leaving on the surf socks) My kid is okay with the incredibly stupid sock/croc combo if it means we can have fun at the water parks (I will post a picture at some point)
She has also agreed to some matching shirts and super funny matching sunglasses (I almost fell over…did I mention she is 12)! Plus one day we will be sporting our Pluto hats!
First time traveling with CPAP but seems like it should be fine. I feel so much better since starting it I can’t even believe it!!! This is the worst I have ever been physically but decided that was not a reason to cancel. Finding out that part of the problem was lack of actual sleep actually put me in a better headspace and gave me hope. This is our reset. My chance to say I am sorry, you are the most important part of my world and I love you! It is the start of putting us first again. Did I mention I’m excited!!! Next update will hopefully be from Disney!!!


I hope it’s an amazing trip!


What a great way to kick that off! Can’t wait to follow along.


Goodness gracious! I can’t wait to follow your adventure and see you croc’d, sock’d, and lock’d! It’s going to be fantastic, I just know it!



Hope you both have the best time! Reading your story made me tear up because I’m also adopted and my mom loves me just like you love your DD.


Oh, I can’t wait to read this one! You’ve really had to wait long enough for this. Exciting!!!


I’m so looking forward to following your trip! Doing a TR is a great way to document such a special trip.


That is so nice! It has been an amazing journey❤️ I still can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am.



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It’s raining here today so we finished some odds and ends packing/cleaning. Then we finally after 16 months put our vinyl decals in our magic bands from the trip that wasn’t!!!

Last day of work: 6 more days
LEAVE FOR WDW: 8 more days!!!