So, now that DVC has switched from RCI to Interval, I wonder if anyone has any experience?

One thing I’m wondering is…does this agreement with DVC make one an “Interval Member”? I wouldn’t want to use it for points exchange, but I see you can also book on cash, and wondering if there is any advantage to doing so.

I can go look this all up…but I thought having a thread might be useful for others as well.

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You have a cooperate membership and yes those cash deals are great…

Did a little digging, given what you said. There are some good deals, for sure. Website is a bit clunky for searching, and it appears you have to enter the site from the DVC site in order to “let you in” as a member. I tried to use the Interval app on my phone, but couldn’t find a way to do it. (That’s an FYI.)

The cancellation policy is the biggest issue. Only a 70% refund once you book until 60 days, and then it goes down from there. But booking early sort of appears to be necessary in many cases, since availability seemed quite limited, so there is a bit of a risk. Less risk than, say, renting points (well, at least pre-COVID…I think some of those policies have been changed).

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Before the change over to interval I had picked up a Williamsburg contract for $1. With ridiculously low maintenance fees just for access to Interval. I head down to Orlando area pretty frequently since I retired and my DVC wasn’t cutting it for . Using the getaways purchased a week @ Westgate towers, a 2 bedroom for my son & his friend to head over to Universal for $349

  • Lol turned out tge Williamsburg contract is the little timeshare that could when it comes to trading…dropped the lock-off portion in for exchange and got Hyatt beach house 2 bedroom in Key West for my other son.

Overall it’s been great so far

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So you purchase a week in a Marriott 2 bedroom lookoff contract and then split it and drop both halves in the exchange and get rooms elsewhere? I read it doesn’t pay to exchange your DVC points, but picking up a cheap contract with low dues to use for exchange is an intersting idea. I can see it as a nice supplement to our BWV contract when we retire in a few years.

Here is what I did-

I picked up a Colonial Williamsburg 4 bedroom lock off EOY even contract m/f for 2022 ($ 875 ) were paid and so were closing costs…I booked one side (2br) for me and deposited the other half and pickers up the Hyatt 2 brd- Total cost for trade $249 for the week
interval gave me an a extra certificate for 1 last minute ( under 45 days )trade- so I have that to use for the next 2 years….purchased the cash deal for my other so for HHN.
I also picked up a Marriott 2 bedroom lock off in Brandon for odd years- booked 1 bedroom for me and deposited the studio side and placed an ongoing search for a 1 bar unit at the Marriott’s Ill de France - outside DLP.-if cost an extra $99 dollars on top of the exchange fee to upgrade room size. That deposit created another last minute extra accommodations certificate good for 1 year…

So VGC ate all my DVC points for this year and half of next…I can still get some decent vacations.

I did have to purchase my own interval membership though $300 but I opted for platinum so that I get early access

Pease excuse typos- as you can see I am a bit of a cheapskate and until this iPad no longer turns on I won’t replace it…

All this was through Marriott correct? Also, I thought DVC members were aleady Gold level Inerval members? I can get the a website through a link on my DVC site.

DVC gives a gold cooperate membership-

I have an individual platinum membership - it has both Vacation Village Williamsburg & Marriott weeks membership. Vacation village was intentional as it is dual affiliated so I get bonus weeks from RCI also - yesterday email

You absolutely can you the DVC membership for great deals on cash rooms without having to take on extra m/f payments.

Try the getaways see if you like them.

Wholly :poop:

Huge dump of DVC into interval this morning-

BLT,AKV,SSR, OKW,HH - omg they are almost all there

2 bedroom Xmas week at VB seriously wish I could grab that one!

Can you book those with cash or do you have to trade points into Interval first?

Seeing them with my “weeks account” I have a 2bedroom unit on deposit- guessing that’s why I am seeing all 2 bedroom units.

( it’s written into the DVC II rules that they won’t ever be a cash getaway deal…)

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