Interval International Getaway Sale

DVCers I know you guys know you get a really nice II gold members through DVC

Guys some of these prices on Getaways - ( no need to deposit points ) are really good… and all over too…

Picking up a week in Smoky mountains and probably one in Orlando too

Those prices are full week also!

Like $252 is the price for the whole week??


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Very tempting!! I’ll have to check the White Mountains.

It’s semi location dependent-

Good luck!

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Hmmm, this helps the decision to eventually get more points! Flexibility is nice.

Wait, if I am a memeber because of DVC (I am reslae) can I pay cash?

Yes those are cash deals NO POINTS NEEDED!

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I hope resale has the same membership opportunities. Researching this weekend!

They should-
Go to destinations tab
Vacation exchange tab
Book with interval- continue
That takes you to disney interval page
Search getaways- Put in your chosen location, dates ect and see what you get…

We snatched up 2 Westgate locations for December
1-bedroom near universal ( lol are DVC APs are blocked out so Harry Potter it is )

1 bedroom bedroom for Dollywood as we are somewhat local- they do an amazing Christmas

Am I the only one who keeps reading the topic as “International Gateway” sale, and thinking that means discounts on Beach/Yacht/BW?

Yes, even after I’ve seen it multiple times, that’s still what my mind sees…



Went back to double check title…

Thanks for this! They don’t have many options in Hawaii (the trip I am planning now) but this is my new obsession and first place I will look when planning a trip!

Lol that’s my problem- my trips are all planned they have these sales and off we go…

My son is currently spending 2 weeks at this one-

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I don’t come to the forums very often, but this looks interesting.