International Gateway question

Does the International Gateway open at the same time as the main Epcot gate? Do they let you into the park early at all ie: walk you to a more local RD?

If a person were using that gate, it seems like it would be a longer distance to TT than from the Main gate. However, those through the International Gate might have an edge over the Main gate for Frozen. That is, unless people are walked into the center of FW just before RD, but not allowed in early from the International gate.


I can’t say that I know however Disney rarely do random so I guess it would be coordinated and as usual you would walk behind CM’s to the more popular stuff.



They open IG at the same time as the main gate. It may be a slightly longer walk but less people allow you to walk a little quicker. Plus walking through an empty WS is lovely!

We were let in at 8:45 through IG (January). There were no cast members blocking/guiding once we were in.

Yes, it does give you an advantage for Norway in that you can basically run flat out, since there’s virtually no one there.

If you’re heading to TT or Soarin’, know the pathways to get there fastest. Again, it will give you a slight advantage. As you get towards those attractions, there will likely be some hold off until official opening.

Unless they have opened Norway earlier - be mindful of the hours for Future World / World Showcase. When we go - World Showcase is basically closed / roped off until 11

The latest word is that Norway & Mexico will be opening at 9. Mexico will be serving breakfast at La Cantina and the Three Caballeros ride will be running.

Akershus has always been open for breakfast. It would be a good move to have the meet & greet and FEA open too.

A couple years back, Norway held off starting the meet & greet until 11. Thus guaranteeing a minimum 2 hour wait for those of us, eh hem…, who ran from IG to get in line at 9.

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I saw posted somewhere yesterday that the way they had built the meet & greet building, there are multiple doors to allow up to 4 sets of Anns & Elsas to be meeting people at the same time (without anyone seeing that). Hopefully that means the lines for meet & greet won’t be as long as they were in the past.

I know I’m not explaining that very well about the multiple groups, maybe someone else can add more. It was something about there being different doors/lines in the building.


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If true, that would be brilliant. It would also explain how the wait time was only 15 - 20 minutes for parts of the day yesterday.

I’m trying to remember where I saw that, I believe it was in the comment threads on FB or Instagram for one of the WDW bloggers or photographers that I follow. I’m trying to find it!

Dani’s blog yesterday, here on TP, about the A&E meet and greet. She mentioned four doors in the last waiting room.

Thank you @mkmuzzy !! Here is the link if anyone is interested!

WAIT!!! There are 4 Anna and Elsas!!! HA

If we decide to splurge for an IG hotel, I would like to make the effort to see Frozen. But I have teen/preteen boys. They want TT first and often. If I have as good a chance (or better?) at making it to TT from IG, then that’s a bonus.

For pre RD ADR’s, is the entrance to use the main gate? Never had a pre RD ADR in Epcot on my previous trips

Yes - you can definitely get in the main gate for a pre-RD ADR. I’d presume you could get in thru the International Gateway as well, although I’ve never tried that. IIRC the pre-RD line for the main gate is to the right at Epcot, but just ask a CM when you arrive at the gate if it’s not totally obvious and they will point you in the right direction.

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So it seems to me that if someone was willing to eat the no show penalty, and you could in fact enter the International Gateway for pre-RD ADR’s, it would make sense to make an ADR for Akershus and then just head straight to one of the Frozen attractions from the International Gateway.