International Gateway park for non-guests

Not a newbie but have only stayed off property once, last fall. Returning September '16 for F&W. Is there any change of parking close to International Gateway when you are NOT an Epcot resort guest? DH is in wheelchair and even in an ecv,its a considerable hike thru FW when we really only want to be in WS. The only answers to this I can find are older & mention 3-hour resort parking for meals, which don’t apply to us, we want to be in the park afternoon into early evening for F&W. $$ just not there for on-site. We are celebrating 40th Anniv-honeymoon was at Poly, fond memories there :slight_smile: Any help appreciated.

I’m going to say, given the time of year that you mention, that it will be very unlikely that you will be allowed to park at one of the Epcot resorts.

I think once you were to park and then wind your way either through the Y&B or the Boardwalk to get to IG, it would be nearly as much hassle as taking advantage of handicap parking at the front of the park and going through FW. IG is really only “super” close to one end of the Beach Club. Boardwalk would actually be pretty inconvenient now that I consider parking, going into the resort, taking the elevator to the lower level, and getting to the boardwalk to finally make you journey to IG. Just my 2 cents on that part…

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thanks, that’s the kind of info I needed. have eaten/visited Y&BC & BW area, but never stayed there or entered via IG. Wanted to know what was allowed/possible/practical. appreciate it!

The IG is also uphill from BCYC