International Gateway for Mid-Day Break

My touring plan has us taking Epcot mid-day break between future world and world showcase. For a mid-day break w/minimal walking, does it work to exit at Int’l Gateway, take a boat to an Epcot hotel (which one??), and then uber/taxi to AoA? Then on return for evening, does it work to do the reverse by uberring/taxi from AoA to Epcot hotel (which one??) to enter through int’l gateway? TIA!

I can tell you that it will work at the Swan hotel.
I know that Uber drivers can come right to the front door at Swan. I’m not sure if all of the Epcot resorts are Uber friendly. Just not 100% sure, but I’d assume they are.

I don’t know if other hotels will save you more steps. Perhaps you could exit at the Boardwalk as well, and catch a bus or an uber,

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Assuming you’ll already be in WS, and you’re close to the International Gateway, then yes.
Boat transportation is always slower than walking, but it’s more relaxing. So if time isn’t your main concern the boat is nice alternative to get you to one of the hotels.
If you’re in FW, it makes more sense to go out the front. At that point either grab a bus to AoA or have an Uber pick you up.

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Beach Club is the hotel closest to the International Gateway entrance. It’s a fairly short walk - I can’t imagine the boat being more efficient than walking there unless the sole goal is to get off your feet. Uber’ing to/from Beach should work fine…

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If you want to take UBER, you should look into LYFT, we used it and it is just like uber and even has many of the same drivers. The reason I am suggesting Lyft is that they have a promotion on their website that you get $55 off which is $5 off for 11 trips, a big savings over all with what we just came back from doing.