International Gateway and RD

Since we’re staying at The Beach Club we’ll be entering at the International Gateway. What’s the best way to tackle Epcot? Hit RD and go towards Test Track or start at Soarin and go the other direction? Will we be way wa behind the main entrance rd’ers? Thanks!

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I wouldn’t stress too much about being way behind the folks at the main entrance. Depending on crowd level, you might very well be inside the park before some people at the main entrance are through bag check since the IG is, in a way, secluded from anyone outside of the Epcot area resorts. You’ll also probably be one of the first in line since you don’t have many variables to hinder you from getting there, like busses, monorails, or parking. You just walk out the door, and you’re at the entrance - use that to your advantage, don’t pay all that money for proximity, and then show up late!

OF COURSE you hit Rope Drop. That’s a given.
Test Track or Soarin first? Well, that depends on what you’d care to do that day. Create a custom touring plan for the attractions you’d care to experience including your fastpasses. If I had no fastpasses for TT or Soarin’, I’d choose Soarin every time. For order if you want to do both without fastpassess, the conventional wisdom, I think, is to do Soarin first then do TT single rider. IMO, test track is fun, once you get outside on the track, but everything else is kinda ho-hum. Soarin, imo, is easily the better of the two, so, if I could do Soarin twice, and the TT queue was too long, I’d just skip TT, and not care. That’s just my opinion. If you’re going with kids, or you’re going for the 1st time, you obviously have to do both.

Create a touring plan, and see what the software suggests. It will prompt you to enter which entrance you are using, so maybe it takes wait time while you are arriving into account. When I did it in Nov, the software told me to hit Soarin from the IG first, but I did have a fp for test track.

tp suggest Soaring first with a 25 minute wait. It suggested for fp soarin, TT, and spaceship earth. I just thought the beauty of RP would be that I could hit a prime ride first thing with no FP. But I’m a first timer, so am just learning. Just remembere I do need to pick one or the other to FP bc both are tier 1

Yesterday I was at EP at RD. I am traveling with my son and his girlfriend and I was going to RD FEA but she loved Soarin so much we did that instead . I timed my waits. The first one was 6 minutes (from the time I first met resistance in the line until after he preshow). The second I think was 16 minutes? At 9:40 we had been on Soarin twice we were being loaded onto Livin with the Land. Test Track was down at RD (you would not know that before you got there).

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Ok, I’ll do that and see how it goes. It’s tough as a first timer bc I have NO idea what my kids 6 and 10 will actually like. They’re are not into frozen though so luckily I don’t have to even worry about that! Lol

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