International gateway and beach club

2 years ago we stayed for 5 nights in the Beach Club and walked to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. The entrance at the international gateway was really quick for getting into Epcot. We are hoping to come over again next year and would like to stay at the beach club again but my question is that now that the skyliner goes to the international gateway is this entrance now really busy as well? Or is it still quiet enough to be worth staying at the beach or yacht club?

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The IG isn’t the hidden gem that it used to be but it’s still absolutely worth it. They have expanded the touch points (I think they used have 2 open when there was almost no foot traffic) so there is still very little wait to get into Epcot.
Compared to the front entrance which is always exponentially busier and jammed with construction, IG is definitely preferable.


Agreed. We stayed at BC first week of January and it was great. We hadn’t stayed there before so don’t have a comparison point though.

With skyliner, you’re really only adding guests from the skyliner hotels for RD.

The only bottleneck we saw was getting onto skyliner at park close, which you just cruise by from Epcot to BC. From HS at park close, we walked back to BC to avoid it.

We were at BC late 2019 specifically for walking to Epcot and Boardwalk morning strolls. It was an amazing feature.

I thought the rooms were a bit dated needing TLC and the food options completely unsatisfactory - in the resort. The Marketplace was completely inadequate as a food option. It is a great location. But when looking at what we paid (with discount), I was unimpressed. At least the rooms in Yatch Club have been updated.