Intern housing


DS has an internship in DC this summer. Wondering if any liners know of the good places to for him to stay. There are several different organizations that provide housing, but it is overwhelming trying to figure out if they are in safe areas and if they are reasonable.


Just an FYI. Rentals in DC are approaching NYC prices. Used to be places in NW tended to be safest but with gentrification of DC many previously “bad” areas now in demand.


Happy to hep if you send options DS is seeing. I live in a DC close-in suburb so can offer help.


He is looking at living in a dorm at GWU or a fraternity house. One of the dorms is literally two block from the IMF building where he will be working. Is that area pretty safe? I know he needs to be aware of surroundings etc.


That is VERY safe and a great location!!! Sounds like a deal he should grab.


Unfortunately GWU wasn’t going to be open long enough for my son’s internship. We paid a deposit to Capstay housing where he will be in Crystal City which according to my research is very safe and looks like lots of places to eat etc. However, when he has to go to the main office in Maryland it is a 90 minute metro/bus ride. A closer place is Island Condos on Girard St. which doesn’t look quite as nice. It is in the Brooklyn neighborhood.


Well he will be at GWU. The Crystal City group that was subletting ended up giving us a run around, so my husband and I are going to stay in a hotel his first week. It will be nice for him to not have to ride a metro in and out everyday. Especially since he found out he has to be at work at 5 am. I’m a little worried about him walking in the dark in the early morning hours, but I know some campuses have security that will escort walkers in late/early hours. It’s a 5 minute walk, but still …


Sorry, just seeing. So it worked out ok near GWU?


Yes he has a room at GWU. The place we paid a deposit to deleted his contract and sent him a different one to sign with different terms so I asked for our money back. It is slightly more expensive at GWU, but he will be able to walk 2 blocks to work each day rather than ride the metro. That will save him time and money.The only thing that worries me is that he has to be at work at 5 am so it will still be dark when he is walking.


It starts getting light around 5:30am in the summer, and that part of town is very safe. I often run downtown at 5:30am and never have had a problem in that area.