Interesting tip

Does that tip still work with the double dumbos? And the FPP waiting area? I haven't seen a really long line there lately so I don't know.

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Wondering also.. I just happened to open a pre made touring plan and that was on there

It used to be in the UG, I haven't had one since double Dumbos so I don't know if it still is.

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I don't think that would work very well with the new waiting area. I guess while one parent was on the ride the second parent could check in to the waiting area to decrease time between rides if there happens to be a long wait.

The wait times have gone down a lot on this ride. My DS5 wasn't even ready to ride when our buzzer went off because he wanted to play more. The second time we went it was a walk-on and we had to ask to play in the waiting area. So much better than the long lines there used to be...