Interesting change to dining search

Not sure it really means anything, but I thought I’d share anyway.

I’m still tweaking my Marathon Weekend plans, in just 37 days, and I was looking to modify a couple of reservations to a different time.

Well, those of you who are DVC may know that when you go to modify your DVC reservation and include the resort you’re already booked at, it will show your room as available. I’ve always found that weird, but whatever.

Yesterday I noticed that dining is now doing the same. For example, I have a ridiculously early dinner at CdF at 4:10pm. I am looking to bump that out just a tad to somewhere between 5:30-6:30. When I search for those next 30 minute increments, it shows me that there is a table available at 4:10 (which is my own reservation).

Just a weird random thing I noticed. I’ve never understood why that’s the case when modifying DVC and now I can be equally confused as to why it’s the case when modifying dining. And now you can be confused too.

You’re welcome.


Yes, I noticed this yesterday as well. Frustrating because you see something pop up and think "oh yeah " another option to see it’s the same time you have.

I remember this used to happen a while ago, I don’t get it nor do I get why it is back.


It makes sense for hotels, because you might just be expanding or contracting your days.

For DVC, not exactly because you already have entered the modify dates before it shows you that. If the room were not available it would show as not available or not fully available.

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NDR at all but the Epic patient portal scheduling system does this as well and it drives me crazy. I spent a lot of time refreshing this month for the “ideal” appointment times for my son’s Covid shots and it always tries to sell me on the time I already have booked!

I noticed this too yesterday when I was able to modify down the guest count on a couple of ADRs. Sometimes in the past the system would not allow a decrease in guest count because it would look for a new ADR to be available for that time, which often there wasn’t one. But now it works as it should, allowing one to rebook/modify the same time at a lower number of guests. So maybe (?) that is why they changed it - can Disney IT be logical? Seems like at some point in the past it allowed this type of change, but in the past year or two it had not.


At least Epic lets you schedule :smirk:
I know another patient portal that does not :wink:

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Does it start with an a or does it rhyme with grrrrrr?

Oh that would make sense, a little anyway, to account for change of guest count.

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Well not entirely — it often ends in a grrrrrr! :angry:

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Yes this. I think for the first time in forever I was able to increase an ADR by one guest without it saying nothing was available cause it was looking for a new ADR. I think this works easier if you are not changing the table size.

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