Interesting call just now

Got a call from someone claiming to be wanting to update me on an owner’s meeting “about your timeshare resort.” Sounded like a telemarketer, but I let him go on. He said, “They have made some significant changes concerning your home resort and exchanges with other properties and we are looking to bring you up to speed.”

Sounded legit - there have been changes, and it has affected exchanges (or will).

But as soon as I said, “I follow these developments very closely and I feel like I’m pretty well up to speed.” he said, “Okay well you have a good day then.” and hung up.

Anyone else get a call like this?

I received a phone call about a week ago. I really couldn’t understand what the first word he was saying was. Finally, it was about my Marriot Timeshare in Orlando. I did have a good laugh before I hung up on him. I can’t figure out how they messed up their database that much!

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So other timeshare programs use the term “home resort”? I’ve never looked into any of them so I though tthat was a Disney thing

I don’t know. I just assumed they must be learning a little as they go along?

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I’m so naive LOL! Of course that’s what they would do!

I wish I were more clever that way

This is a scam call, ignore them. Or report it if there’s some cold calling ombudsman or similar in the US.

They basically get details of owners from the Recorder’s office of deeds (I know there’s a proper name for it lol), and phone up. Possibly to try and sell you another timeshare. Or get you to sell your DVC to them. I see reports from time to time of this over on MouseOwners. It tends to happen in phases when lots of people get called and then goes all quiet for a while.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought at the end. It sounded legit, but he blew his own cover by ending the call when I said I was up to date. He’s not even a good scammer LOL

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I agree but these people are so bad at what they are doing they missed my deed says Disney on it. I have looked up my deed and the owner I have rented from online. It really is not hard but these people are really bad at what they do.

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