Interactive wand

Where can I buy Interactive wand cheaper than Universal Orlando? Is it more fun to buy at Universal Orlando?

Looks like online they are more expensive. I would buy in-park at Ollivander’s for the experience.

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If you don’t mind it being preowned you can get one on eBay for about $15 - $20 cheaper. All wands have a “lifetime” repair guarantee while at the parks, if you buy a used one and it’s not working. (There’s no battery / moving parts in it. It has a reflector that bounces the signal to the receiver. It’s very easy to replace / fix)

It’s great to go into the wand shop & look around - it’s beautiful. However, is it “more fun”?? There’s not a show or anything. It’s still a highly decorated retail outlet. So that’s subjective…

I do recommend doing the Olivander’s wand show. It does not require any purchase (unlike light sabers at Disney). The show does exit through the wand shop, so it can be fun to do you wand purchase after the show. However, you do not have to do the show to buy a wand. (again…unlike Disney)

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I can’t believe how bad it sounded before, I was in a hurry when I wrote it! Now, I fixed it.

I recommend seeing and holding the wands in person first. They have different feelings and textures, especially compared to the non-interactive ones, which are cheaper, but heavier. Also, if you’re planning on putting them into lockers with a box, some are longer and thinner, and won’t fit with the box. The first time we went, we had to put them in a certain way to make the locker close, and that was when the lockers were bigger. Once we kept the boxes in the hotel, it was easier. If you aren’t picky, you can buy them before. I personally had to see them in person first to see which one I wanted.

That being said, there was one I got from eBay that I got cheaper, not cheap, but definitely cheaper than the parks. When I took it to the park, I could fix it if I needed to. It had a lifetime guarantee, and can be switched.


@Jeff_AZ they are talking about interactive wands over here.



Oh my!



I just looked on ebay for interactive wands and they are crazy. used wands were way too high and cheaper to buy at Universal.




There are some wands that they used to sell, but you can no longer get. It is possible the ones on ebay selling at a higher price are those no longer available.

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I can’t believe they’re so high now! It wasn’t like that before. It wasn’t cheap, but definitely cheaper than the price at the parks. Plus, now more and more people are selling the bags, boxes, and map—is Universal not giving these out with the wands anymore?

I thought it was good advice


The used prices seem to go up before Christmas. I ran into the exact thing before our early-Feb trip and we ended up just buying the one that picked her.

My son got a bag, box, and map in May. Not sure if it’s changed since then. Actually we had to buy the special bag though.

Wow, I haven’t been in the store in a while, I didn’t realize they charge for the bags now.

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Right before Christmas makes sense. The one I got used I believe was in the spring.

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I think they are but on ebay they separate them to make more money.

We were there last week and got 2 new wands (it’s become an unhealthy obsession to get new wands for me and DS…). Still get the wand, box and map, need to pay extra for the bag.