Intense epcot tournig plan with extra morning hours

Hello, looking to start off the day really intense. We will be heading to epcot for 7h30 for the 8h00 opening. We would like to ride test track twice and then head to soarin then frozen ever after. Our Fast passes will be to ride soarin again later in the day. i have planned to be at soarin around 9h00 (just before regular crowds) and at FEA around 10…am i dreaming or is this possible ?

Are you willing to wait an hour or more for FEA?

Without an FPP for FEA, you really need to do it first thing at RD - and you’ll want to be at the park most of an hour before it opens so you can be at the front of the RD crowd - otherwise you’re looking at an hour for FEA.

I’m not a big one for re-riding in the same day; at least not in EP. And I’m not that big a fan of TT, so I skip it as often as not. BUT if I wanted to do FEA and TT and Soarin’ twice, my approach would be to get the FPP for FEA and hit TT right at RD (and hope it opens on time). After my first ride, I’d check the SB line; if less than 30 min (not likely) I’d ride again, if longer, I’d head straight to Soarin’ and still probably beat the regular RD crowds. After that, I’d keep my eye on the app and see when SB times for TT and Soarin’ look reasonable and go back for seconds.

In reality, my personal plan would be to get the FPP for FEA, hit Soarin’ right at rope drop (maybe twice, if the line was still short), and then do TT using the single rider line, as long as it was reasonable…

when looking at touring plans crowd prediction, ti says about a 35 minutes wait at 10h00 or 10h30 on a park crowd level of 5. I thought i would do test track at 8h00 (out at 8h10) and again around 8h45 (out at 8h55). Then moving to Soarin around 9h00 with a 30 minutes wait (out at 9h45) and the would get to FEA around 10h15 (including the walk to get there)… y kids just love TT. Got to do it twice in the morning !!