Liners…talk to me about Disney’s insurance!!! Is it worth purchasing as part of our package?

No - you can get better coverage for less from other travel insurers. Read what Mousesavers says about trip insurance here:


@brklinck is right. The one caveat I’ll make is that currently, Disney’s cruise insurance is more comprehensive with regards to covid bc of all the entrance restrictions.
But in general, their insurance isn’t that great. A lot of policies are strictly not covering covid as a reason for cancelling, so if that’s your main concern, go with “cancel for any reason” insurance.
Allianz has pretty good polices.


Last time I bought travel insurance I found this site. It’s a comparison site, not an insurer.


That is who I have used to shop for insurance. I have been happy with them.

There are many different plans out there. Some will be less expensive for families, some for individuals, etc. Just make sure you read the policy before you buy to make sure it covers what you want. Also, you usually have to purchase within a few weeks of your initial deposit to have it cover pre-existing conditions.

And remember you do not necessarily have to cover the cost of the whole vacation, just the non-refundable part (be sure to keep in mind, though, what happens if you need to end your trip early). The cost of coverage is usually split into buckets. So, $500-1000 will cost x, $1001-2000 will cost y, etc. I usually figure out how much coverage I want, then up it to just before the next bucket so I get the most coverage for my money.