Trip insurance - yes or no? Get it through Disney or other company? Thanks for your opinion!

I purchased Travel Guard insurance on my last trip when I rented points. You cannot cancel a rented point reservation through DVC Rental Store. They do have “insurance” but it’s not that great. After having kids, we’ve had to cancel a few non-Disney trips for various reasons. I now have a threshold of trip cost where I automatically buy trip insurance. I didn’t have any issues with Travel Guard, but I also didn’t have to use it. It was relatively inexpensive and covered a whole slew of stuff. has a lot of good info in trip insurance:

In general, the Disney-offered trip insurance is often more restrictive and more expensive than trip insurance you purchase from a third party.

Sorry, I can’t agree. Disney’s insurance covers vacation plus flight. When I missed out on Disney’s insurance I tried to get insurance elsewhere. It was twice as expensive.

thank you for asking this have bought through the cruise lines and Disney before and the link through mousesaves is much less

Well, your experience seems to go against the advice from MouseSavers and other Disney travel sites, plus my own experience. Not sure why third parties were more expensive for you.

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