Yes, i am serous…i use an android lg phone for forums…there are tons of options is there an easy mode or manual or tutorial…easy mode of post and reply would be awesome…thank u

Can anyone help @niter? I don’t have an android phone.

@niter, I had to download Google Chrome to use it on my phone.

What is that

@niter, It’s a web browser. Download it in the play store and use it to access the internet instead of the little blue and white globe thingy that you use now.

Thank u but i dont use a globie thing i use the google bar on top

Or i go on main lines and link up from main

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@niter I too am having issues. I have an old HTC Shift, and no I don’t want a new phone, I love my phone thank you very much!! I tried to get the latest version of the web browser google chrome and I found I could not because my phone is too old. I have to see if it is even possible for me to use the new forums because of this.

@niter the google bar just uses your default browser, download Chrome and when its setting up it should ask if you want it to be your default browser and set it so it is. Chrome is a more advanced browser and is better overall to use, plus it syncs up with Android and google really well.

On my android the easiest way to add pics and things to a post is… first hit reply and then look for upload on the bottom right. Click it and it gives you options… if you hit Camera it lets you TAKE a fresh pic and add it, or choosing Download or Gallery lets you pick from pics you have already taken.

Wow thank u so much ill try it…how do i set it as default…it never asked

Bumping for @elslav to help @niter set his default browser. :slight_smile:

@niter - Maybe the easiest thing for you to do would be to meet up with some Liners who have figured out how to use the forum on their phones. I always think it’s very frustrating to learn something new when the people helping me aren’t right there with me. I bet there are lots of Liners who would love to meet you somewhere at WDW and help you figure it all out.