"Inside Out" characters

Are any of the character from “Inside Out” making regular appearances at WDW?

Let’s see…

Sadness is only to be found on the Tragical Express back to the airport
Joy is the easiest to find…she’s all over the place
Disgust hangs out at Stitch’s Great Escape
Fear can be found at ToT
Anger can sometimes be spotted…but usually only on really hot, crowded days and he doesn’t stick around long

Hope that helps until someone comes around with some real answers.


They were there when I went in Sept. Joy - When I saw the Castle again. Sadness - When I had to leave. Fear - when I saw the bill. Disgust - When I saw line cutters. And Anger - When I new it would be a while before I could book another vacation. (wink, wink)


My DD is a huge Inside Out fan. She said they were somewhere, maybe DTD, when the movie was released but only for a brief time. Too bad because I think they would be fun characters to interact with.

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Thanks for the laughs!

@nvarnum and @perryisherewithme, I almost just passed this post by…I am so glad I read it. Those were the best answers evah!!! Thanks for the giggle.