Inquiring minds…

Does anyone know if the list of attractions included in Genie+ Is fixed, or will it fluctuate based on some bean counter’s whim? I looked over my park guides from my 2019 visit (borderline hoarder) and counted 60 FP+ attractions over the 4 parks.

There was a list shared, I think in the original Genie thread, but I don’t think it was official. It had pretty much the same rides but no shows or character meets I think.

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More than 40 this says.


It should be fixed, just like the FastPass lane was. They are currently installing “Lightning Lane” signs at the secondary queues, making them seem permanent. And closing a LL at random times would not go over well!

Looks like 39 (give or take) G+ LL queues and 8 LL$ queues.

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They should be semi fixed. As in they’ll stay the same for a while, but will change.

For example, when Tron opens it will almost certainly become like RotR with a BG and LL$ options, whilst either 7DMT or Space drops back to Genie+. Ditto when GotG opens, something (and it might well be Rat) will drop down to Genie+.

So any change will probably be announced say a month ahead, or 2 weeks ahead. It won’t change day by day.

At least I hope that’s the case.

Also the official announcement did say shows could be added to Genie+ later too.