Input/opinions on our 3rd park day, 2/11

Ok. I’m not sure yet which park we’re doing on this day. It will be either Epcot or MK. I have an ADR at Garden Grill at 8:05 on Sat. and 8:15 on Tuesday. Will drop one when we decide which day we’re doing Epcot.If we do Epcot on this day we’ll do MK on our last park day, 2/13 (plans to follow in next post. Here goes.


Magic Kingdom


A couple of things: your note about the fish tank at EP- should that be at Turtle Crush? You will not do Nemo there?

MK: I would switch the Under the Sea FP- maybe even for Speedway. Under the Sea rarely has a line.

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Nope. No Nemo. On the MK day TP had the wait time over 20 min. 20 min. Is pushing it for DGS’s wait time tolerance.

I’mconfused about “the giant fish tank”. Are you talkingabout the aquarium at the Seas? Going from GG to check out Soarin’ to the Seas and thenback to LwTL and then back to the seas again for Turtle talk seems likea lot of extra walking. I would dp everything that I wanted to in the Land, and then go over to the Seas.

Oops. Thought that’s what I did. I’ll fix it.

And speedway is my most hated line ever

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DS wants Speedway. He’s 44 and remembers it from when he went on it in 1978.

That’s why I would FPP it :wink:

I see what you’re saying so I went back and took out the Mermaid FPP and TP gives it a 23 min. wait. If we get DAS for it there’s nothing really around there to fill the time, whereas if we DAS Speedway we can do Buzz while we are waiting for our return time and, hopefully, get a FPP for the Mermaid.

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Makes sense.

Buzz will probably have a longer SB line than LM…

Hope not. I’m trusting the TP is right.