Input on Picking Dates for November 2024 trip

3 consecutive full park days at WDW followed by 1.5 consecutive park days at UOR. Which days would you pick?

Originally we were thinking:

(A) WDW for Thursday the week before Thanksgiving through the Saturday before Thanksgiving; and
(B) Universal Sunday and Monday before Thanksgiving (would book HRH for Express Pass).

Now also considering either of the following because (1) flying back home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving would be crazy at the airport, (2) weather can be iffy at the end of November, and (3) high Thanksgiving crowds the last few days of our trip:

(A) WDW Saturday November 2 - Monday November 4; and
(B) UOR Tuesday November 5 - Wednesday November 6 (stay at HRH).


(A) UOR Saturday November 2 - Sunday November 3 (stay at HRH); and
(B) WDW Monday November 4 - Wednesday November 6.

Downsides to the above are (1) it is 1/2 marathon weekend at WDW so likely high crowds, (2) we would be traveling on November 1 after kids out late on Halloween night and (3) no Halloween or Christmas parties at MK these days.

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Okay this is the week we always go (twice now!). 11/1- 6 and second trip was 11/1-9 I believe. Weather is usually great, hot enough to swim but get a bit of a break at night and in morning. The marathon hasn’t really impacted us, just be strategic about parks to not get caught up. And parks change over to Christmas.

Only issue this year is, look to see when jersey week is, that really does impact the crowds I think. For us it was always starting when we were leaving and we could tell a difference, but I’m sure doable.

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Have you been to UOR before? It is so different from WDW. I think I’d do UOR first and then come back to the comfort of WDW.

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If Saturday 11/2 is the last day of HHN (like last year), USF would be packed. Also, in general, Saturdays are always good to avoid at Universal. Not as big a deal at Disney.

Will you be deluxe with the extended hours option?

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Many times, but the last time was 2014 so it has been 10 years. I love UOR, but went full WDW when my kids were born and haven’t been back to UOR yet.

Yes, but in my opinion extended hours at Epcot isn’t much value and we won’t at WDW on a Wednesday to be able to do extended hours at MK unless we go with the plan that has us at UOR on Saturday which doesn’t sound like a good idea because …


Anytime after the 11th and before Thanksgiving would be best. Like 16-23. I did this week a few years ago and it was pretty dead. Avoids Jersey week/marathon/Veterans day.

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