Input on Oct 10-13 itinerary

Thank you to those who take the time to post here–it’s been super helpful in planning for our trip.

We will be in the parks Oct 10-13. We had planned to get the one park per day tickets, and we’re not doing the Halloween party. The plan is to spend two days in each park.

On the 10th, we’ll do DCA and then DL on the 11th based on crowds and hours (mostly hours). I’m torn between how to divide the other two–the crowds are estimated to be equally bad on the 12th in both parks. If we do DL on the 12th, we avoid the earlier closure on the 13th. But on the 13th, the crowds at DL are estimated to be a 4 vs a 6 for DCA, which makes DL more appealing on the 13th.

Does anyone have any advice on what I might be forgetting or missing? Is it truly worth it to pony up another $270 for park hoppers?

We will have a disability pass in our party, FWIW.


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This is a really tough call but knowing that both parks are right across from each other makes is real easy to chose the park hopper. Unlike Florida, it is so easy to cross the square to the other park.
When we go, it is not uncommon to spend a couple of hours at each park on a given day. I find myself planing my blocks of time around the show or parade I want to see (or avoid). Opens up dining options and the 13th can be spent riding all your favorites just one more time. If it is in the budget, get the park hopper!

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So I have been testing with or without park hopper with my visitors all summer. I actually prefer, when we have more than one day, to NOT do park hopper. The parks are easy to switch from one to another, but walking from the end of one park to the end of the other park is still pretty long.

I think going to DL on the day it closes early it not actually a bad plan. ON those days, the crowds tend to be okay but DCA becomes ABSOLUTELY crazy when the Halloween party starts. Also, I feel that when we did not have park hopper, it really helped to appreciate the park and be less tired. DLR is smaller than DW, but in my experience, four days in a row from RD to closure is still too much.

DCA has a lot of activities and shows that we tend to not do when we have hopper. The Frozen musical is FANTASTIC and Animation Academy (where we learn to draw a character) is one of my favorite thing to do, so on days where we do not hop we have more time to do that. Also, Guardian of the Galaxy has a new video for Halloween that only runs at night, so the wait is ridiculous right now.

Hope this helps!

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