Input on my Magic Kingdom touring plan?

We’re a group of four adults who’ve all been to Magic Kingdom before, although not for years and years, so we already have something of a feel for what we liked/didn’t like - which sort of makes planning more complicated. I don’t like rides that make you dizzy or wet, my husband doesn’t like rides that will mess up his neck, our friend doesn’t like rides with a straight drop (like Tower of Terror) but loves roller coasters, and his wife doesn’t like 3D stuff but loves splashy, wet rides. It’s a lot to coordinate. :stuck_out_tongue:

We are going to be in line before rope drop, and I’ve got fastpasses for my top three rides as early in the day as possible so we can try to get fastpasses later for some of the rides they want to do.

The touring plan optimizer keeps trying to tell me to do Splash Mountain first thing in the morning, but I think getting wet first thing in the morning in February, even in Florida, might not be that enjoyable?

Anyway, if anyone has any input, I’d appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Overall, looks good.

You’re right about Splash Mountain…although, that’s why it is also the best time to go…because no one else wants to ride it then! If temperatures are trending toward the chillier side, perhaps swap it for BTMR instead at that time, and try to fit Splash in later in the day. Another option is to bring along cheap throwaway ponchos and put them on. Truth is, I’ve rarely gotten very wet on Splash Mountain, but as a precaution, wear the poncho and then throw it in the garbage when you get off. (Dollar Tree ponchos.) Hard to predict the weather, though. We were in Orlando last February for a week, and temps, even at night, never really dropped below 70. So, who knows!

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I should add ponchos to my packing list, thanks!

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I’ve never gotten really wet either but have seen people in the first row or 2 soaked! So asking for a row further back might help too.

In the words of @missoverexcited, “Poncho up and crack on”


Do people actually wear ponchos on the rides, it what I really wonder! I mean, isn’t the point of going on a wet ride to get wet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Splash Mountain is a little different. Even if you don’t want to get wet, it is totally worth riding. It is SUPER long (about 10 minutes) with a lot to see (not to mention the Laughing Place…my favorite part of the entire ride!).

Now, we’ve never worn a poncho. But if you want to avoid being wet, but still experience Splash, it is precautionary!

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Yes, lots of people wear ponchos on the ride. I rode it 3 or 4 times in Dec. and on at least 1 ride got totally drenched. It was on the area when you float around the huge drop and right before you go back up into the mountain. As another log goes down, a big spray of water flies into the air. If you’re on the right side of the log, there is definitely the potential to be soaked. I think another member of my party in a different log also got similarly soaked.

For the most part the drops won’t get you too wet unless you’re in the front.

If you prefer not to wear the poncho the entire ride (because the ride is long), you could always have it out and duck under it when you get to this spot in the ride. :grimacing:

FWIW, after pirates, you have PLENTY of time to modify that BTMRR, and score a 4th for the time frame after lunch or Sorcerers. I’d be eyeing many fastpasses during that time especially during lunch and sorcerers, during the parade, waiting for MOnsters inc, etc. You should be set with getting whatever you want for the group members during those times.

Sorry, what’s a BTMRR?

Big Thunder Mountain RailRoad

Sometimes just BTMR.


(We All Talk In Abbreviations)


(Now You Know.)


Ah, thanks! I’ve figured out most of them, but I couldn’t get that one! :stuck_out_tongue:


(I’ve been on these forums for about a year and I still haven’t figured them all out!)


Laughing Out Loud.
oh wait…


I would rope drop 7 dwarfs as opposed to Space but that is because that is my one must ride and we couldn’t get fast passes. Space mountain might hurt the neck more than 7D. I remember 7D being pretty smooth. Not sure how easily day of passes are.

Yah, space mtn is more of a must for the others in the group than 7 dwarfs, so!