Input on Animal Kingdom Touring Plan?

I am trying to consider various options for our Animal Kingdom day. I just made my fast passes, and now am second guessing everything. Below is the link to our plan:

My questions:
–I did not get a FP for the safari, because we have a PPO breakfast at Tusker House and TP software says line is short at rope drop. Do you agree FP is not needed?
–We’re trying to minimize walking, which is why we would like to be able to do Safari, then Gorilla trail, then 10 am Lion King show. Is that realistic? We have a good zoo near us, so we don’t need to spend a lot of time on the animal trail, but it would be nice if we could spend a few minutes with the Gorillas.
–If we do all three things above, touring plan software has us arriving at Lion King with 4 minutes to spare. If we’re cutting it that close, should we get a Fast Pass for Lion King instead of Nemo? I got our third fast pass for Nemo because of similar reasons and figuring that afternoon will be busier.
–I got 4 fast passes for Everest even though 1 child is not tall enough to ride. Would like to clarify how we can maximize number of rides for DS using rider swap and extra fast passes. Am I correct that if we get a rider swap when we first arrive, DS and 1 adult can return to ride again at any time that day? And we can switch magic bands so that DS can also ride again during the FP window? So, in theory, DS plus 1 adult can ride twice during FP window, and 1 more time later that evening using the rider swap pass?
–Would like to get a quick lunch between Everest and Nemo. Would like to do FlameTree because of good reviews and allergy issues. That leads to more walking that I’d like, but I think manageable? Plan would be to do one ride on Everest then get lunch with DD, buying lunch for others and having it waiting for them when they finish 2nd FP ride on Everest with other magic bands). We will then all go to Nemo show. Will be very tight to do this. Should we even try? Thoughts on alternatives (lunch elsewhere, lunch to go after Nemo, etc?)
–My current thinking is that Nemo show is skippable if timing does not work out and/or we are all tired. Do you think it is a must do? I want to make sure we get enough rest time in before returning to AK for nighttime stuff.

Would appreciate any other thoughts on the touring plan.

Thank you!

I agree. We went straight from our Tusker House ADR to the Safari with very little wait. We also did not rush breakfast and got to see all the characters.

They are really strict with the Lion King FP entry. We were 2 minutes late. We got in but they sent us through the regular line. Lion King FP does get you entry before the general line so you do get a better seat selection. Nemo is a very large theater. As long as you are not coming in last minute, I don’t think a FP is necessary. Both shows are really great. If I had to make a choice I would go with Lion King personally.

Now I am not a big user of the rider swap so maybe someone else can chime in…if you book FP for A,B,C,& d guests. A & B could ride with FPs and request a rider swap. Then switch bands and A and C could ride with C & d FPs also requesting a rider swap. You would then have two rider swaps for later (up to three riders each)

Tusker House to Safari is ideal. Depending on when you get off Safari, be prepared to go directly to Lion King if needed and come back for the Gorilla Trail. The Safari is a relatively long ride so depending on the line and if any animals decide to chill on the road in front of the trucks, you might not have much time enjoy the Gorilla Trail and it is an enjoyable walk to see the various animals with the Gorillas being a highlight…

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I second the concern about allowing enough time for Gorilla Trails. I also think you have under estimated how much time it will take to grab something to eat at Flametree, and Tiffins could be well over 2 hours!

It should be very hot so it may not bother you but riding Kali so early may also have you dripping wet!

The rider switch is very easy. You just walk up with the child, the people riding go through the line with a lanyard and when they get to loading they will give them the pass. If you have a FP you can ride then and again later. @AuntB_luvsDisney has a great plan, I just never have had to use that many FPs.

We’ve never had a problem doing Safari, then trails and then Lion King without rushing. But be prepared to be watching your time. The safari should be uneventful, even if things do occasionally happen. Also, the trails are as long as you want them to be. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on anything you aren’t interested in, so just watch your time. Lion King is now located quite near the Safari, so you don’t even have a long walk to the theatre.

As for Nemo, I’ve heard that they can be standing room only. I would think a FPP for that is more important than for Lion King, but I’ve only ever seen the show once (much prefer Lion King) and we waited in line quite awhile to make sure we got seats.

Thank you all! I think we will play the Gorilla trail by ear, and do it after Lion King if time is short. If so, then we’ll skip either the Jungle Trek or Flights of Wonder. As between the Gorilla trail, jungle trek, and Flights of Wonder, what would you skip? Also, is Wilderness Explorers something we can easily pick up when we arrive for breakfast? I think my kids might like that, but I think that would mean more time on the trails and less time for other things.

We’re doing Tiffins for the Jungle Book package (I’m hoping it turns into Rivers of Light by time we’re there, but not counting on it.). Our evening plans are flexible, so I don’t think we’ll be impacted if dinner takes longer. But hopefully it is not 2 hours long! My kids won’t be able to sit through that. I need to call and see if I can change our morning Tusker House ADR to a Jungle book package. If so, I may drop Tiffins, although it looks really good to my husband and me!

I would plan on the package taking 2 hours, but it is worth it. Amazing food and atmosphere! We were there opening weekend and it took 2.5 hours, but I assume they have gotten faster in the last month. But 2 hours is the norm for a signature restaurant. You can always do the Tusker House package for the show, and then get a regular ADR for dinner at Tiffins. Then you can eat what you want (not necessarily 3 courses if you aren’t that hungry), and it shouldn’t take 2 hours.