Initial Fastpass Selection Question - PC

When I go to select my FPP at midnight, I plan on going to my last MK day to get A&E and 7DMT. This will be the 10th day of our trip so I'm thinking I have a good shot at availability.

My first question is this:
When I select the desired attractions for the day, if I select three and one isn't available will it still allow me to schedule the other available attractions? I think it suggests a different attraction right? I just want to be sure I understand how the system works.

I will work backwards from that MK day and do my FPP in this order: (I've listed the attractions that I want at each park that I understand are the first to go)
1) MK (A&E, 7DMT)
2) HS (TSMM, maybe Frozen sing-a-long one of the HS days?)
3) Epcot (Test Track, Soarin)
4) AK (thinking of only using FPP here on the last AK day which falls on the Tuesday of Thankgiving week) First AK day shows no need for it so I planned on hopping to Epcot for dinner and maybe booking Soarin in advance for that evening)

Does this look OK or should I book Epcot before Hollywood Studios?

The only two you'll have to really worry about at 60 days is A&E and 7DMT so start with those. When you go to schedule it will let you choose up to three attractions, however, if one is not available you just won't be able to choose it.

I just had a quick look at 25th October and the only things in any of the parks that aren't available is A&E, 7DMT, FoF and Wishes. Everything else, including MSEP, is available for a party of 4. Hope that helps reassure you a bit.

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