Information on Rebooking with Free Dining

For anybody that is rebooking for corona virus here is my story. I called first thing at exactly 7am. My previous reservation was at a pretty good discount for Pop Century for 7 nights starting May 27th $1250 (frequent visitor discount in mail). When I rebooked for June 3rd for 7 nights they would not honor the $1250 rate had to bump up to standard rate of $1600. $350 difference to get the free dining. The value would be based on how many you have in your room. It is just myself and my daughter so 55 x 2 = 110 110 x 7 = 770 My saving were $420 We however do not like the base DDP and upgraded to the Standard DDP for extra $23 per day per person. 23 x 2 =46 46 x 7 = 322 So the $350 plus the $322 = 672 We were going to spend 600 on dining anyway so with the extra $72 cost we upgraded our dining choices and get the snacks and refilled mug. So overall with 2 people and upgrading the DDP I would say it is still a good deal.


I was happy with my rebooking experience too. I had originally had a DVC booking for March with dining and Canadian tickets purchased separately. When I heard about free dining promotion I moved my DVC booking to next year, refunded dining and tickets and repurchased a whole new full price package (with free dining). I paid $700 more but now have an extra week of vacation next year. My flights are cheaper with the rebooking so I’ve also got a $700 credit. So it all balances out. 2 vacations for the price of 1!

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We had a good experience rebooking too! We were staying at Pop 8 nights, Disney plus dining, and 7 day tickets. We upgraded to Beach Club (8 nights) with same dining and tickets for $1200 more. Seems like a pretty good deal for going from value to deluxe for 8 nights!