Inflatable pillow to sit on?

Does anyone know of a good inflatable pillow? Something sturdy enough to sit on in an amusement park. There are those times where you know the line won’t move for a long time. It would be nice to just sit down. I particularly don’t like to stand for long because one leg is longer than another, so my back curves. Sitting, I’m fine. Walking, I’m fine.

I know there are camping pillows, but I weigh a great deal more than my head. So, I’d hate to bust one. I was thinking something super sturdy and wide and flat.

I’m recalling some chat on lines a long while back where links were shared for a good blanket for sitting waiting on parades starting. Not a pillow, but serves the same function.
@LTinNC82 my head is associating you with that chat. Did you buy one?


I don’t know what kind of transatlantic sorcery this is, but I was just reading this post as your reply popped up. Craziness!

That is very similar to the blanket I have. Folds small into it’s own pocket and is lightweight and weatherproof on 1 side. Love it.




OK, that looks awesome. I showed DD and the bag it fits into and she said it was “sorcery”. That was her word. She selected Green.

I think I’ll get more use out of this. Whenever I use a camping chair I spread a moving blanket under me. Bugs like me, and grass on my ankles feels like bugs. I’m not a fan of the outdoors. I think I could use this instead.

So you sit on it when it is folded up? Obviously outside the bag.


I am not an outdoorsy person at all. I pull that out whenever I have to sit on pretty much anything that’s not specifically designated as a seat. Or if the bench or something is wet I’ll pull it out since it’s waterproof on one side and mine is fleecy on the other side. You can also use the fleece side as a blanket if it gets chilly and you just want to have something on you.

Eta: talk to text was not kind to me… flea seaside? Lol

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Years ago I took a pretty nasty fall and busted the “sit bones” - my luck they didn’t heal properly.

This comes with me to all parks fits neatly into a drawstring backpack. Lol mines been to more theme parks than most adults I know….

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The hubby had to have a surgery on his posterior a couple years ago, and we got a Purple cushion for him after that as well. Really helped him to be able to commute/return to work quickly. Haven’t tried the foldable option, but can vouch for Purple as a company for this sort of thing. The “inflatable” options we tried couldn’t hold a candle to Purple’s gel cell options.