Individual lightning lane refunds

I haven’t heard this talked about before so I wanted to let people know!

Last night we left the park before our ill for Tron (due to being totally soaked by the storm!). Today I went to a blue umbrella in the park and asked if there was anything they could do. Right away they offered to refund me. I actually wasn’t totally sure the ride was operational at that time, but I never received notice of an automatic refund last night.

I’m not a big fan of these due to their inflexibility, but at least this seems to be an option.


This was a little over a year ago, but I’d had to dispute it with the credit card. The ILL$$$ was for end of the day on our last day. So, their answer of “Just use it the next day” didn’t work. My response of, “It was the last day of our 10-day tickets” was met with basically pretending to not hear that. Space Mountain had been down since from before our start time. They brought it up before close time, but they wouldn’t let anyone else in the line, even those like us.

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I have noted that Disney is pretty flexible about refunds, even in situations where they repeatedly say “no refunds.” They like to make things right, but they will wait until you ask them by phone / GS. Same thing with my Memory Maker refund this morning (after I bought an AP with Photopass downloads).

(Automatic refunds do happen though – if the ride is down for a significant portion of the day, including your return window, I have heard reports of automatic refunds.)

ETA: The one thing I’ve never seen them refund is tickets, but they will apply to the cost of a new ticket.