Indiana Jones Show actual time length?

Does anyone know exactly how long the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt show in HS is?

MDE (on website) is showing 1 hour (although I swear it said 45 mins just a week ago)…

TP Lines shows 30 mins when loaded into my plan…

I am trying to figure out if I have enough time to make my 12:40 Sci Fi if I go to the 12:00 Indy show (assuming I could fudge the online check in a little by doing it before leaving the show if it’s really 45 mins… this worked in May when I checked in for CM while still on the monorail). If it’s really an hour then that changes things.

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TP says it’s 30 minutes for the actual show, and I believe that. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! | Disney's Hollywood Studios . Indy is fairly close to Sci-Fi, and you could help your chances by sitting near an edge/exit for a quick getaway. I think you’ll be close, or not very late at all.


Thanks @mkmuzzy, I think we’ll just keep our plan and hope for the best.

Rhetorical questions because you are the only people who understand this minutiae… Does the WDW website overestimate show length? I’m sure they want people to include a buffer but why say it’s 60 mins if the time is really half that? I checked some other shows too to see if it was a “thing” or just this show, and the Lion King show in AK is listed as 40 mins on the WDW website, which seems more accurate. The Indy show was listed as 45 mins a week or so ago and now they increased to 60… so weird.

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What’s weird is that Disney’s site literally says “An Hour” as the duration. Not 60 minutes. “An Hour.” It looks so weird, like an intern wrote that in there as a placeholder.

I wouldn’t necessarily trust the time in TP either, because TP probably had that in from pre-Covid and they may have modified the show in some way since it reopened. But 30 min is probably right cause it would make sense for it to be on the shorter end.


Right? Frozen show also says “An Hour”. Beauty and the Beast is listed as 30 mins only? Something is weird. Maybe they are trying to get people to anticipate waiting in line beforehand for popular shows?

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I agree, WDW likes to state a bigger amount of time, perhaps to help people plan better for total time spent arriving, getting seated, gradually exiting, etc. You mention Lion King as 40 min on WDW’s site, but 30 on TP, and shows are an hour apart. For Indy, shows are 1:15 hr apart. They have fairly technical props, so they want plenty of time to reset everything properly. At least you should be able to control where you sit at Indy’s outdoor stadium seating better than at an indoor show, so you can exit quickly.


The recent full-show recordings on YouTube are about 32 min of actual show start to end, so allowing a few min to exit if seated conveniently to do so and a few min to get to SciFi, this should work, and you should be right on time, but also have the 15 min ADR buffer if needed.


Excellent that’s what I’m hoping!

I was gonna mention the 15 min buffer. They also have worked with me every time the kids were later than 15 min and DH and I were waiting on them. We always got sat eventually. And I’ve learned I need to tell teens 30 min prior to the actual booking time. :wink:


Hat tip to you sir for thinking about this the smart way. :tophat: :joy: