Indiana jones FP

I have a FP for the first show of Indiana jones show. would this be a waste of a FP. I’m considering changing.

What is the crowd level for the day you are going? When we watched it there was plenty of seating so for us it wouldn’t have been a great use of a FPP. We really enjoyed the show! :smile:

its a 4


That’s what I thought. I’ve changed it to star tours


That’s a much better choice in my opinion. If lines are short for Star Tours you can do it standby first and then repeat with your FP. There are tins of variations in the ride, so each time is different. Don’t miss Indy though! We loved it. We got there about 10-15 minutes ahead in the early afternoon on a 5 crowd day and had no trouble finding a seat. The place is huge and shady inside.


If rain is predicted for your Indy Day, try and hit it well before the rain if at all possible. Otherwise, no scene 3

Going to try do that first one.

Awesome! Enjoy!!

I don’t really recommend getting Star tours either unless there are no other rides you want to do. If you head straight for star tours and work your way around from the back, star tours has no line. We did this twice and it had basically no line for almost half an hour. They wouldnt even scan our bands to use our fast pass and told us to change it for later in the day because there was never a line early in the morning. Everyone always starts from the front or heads for toy story first so there is rarely a line that early.

Even when we got off the ride there was no line so we had to wait a while to use the FP.