Incorrect Charge

Has anyone ever had an incorrect charge on their Disney statement? My credit card bill arrived and I finally (1 month from vacation) reviewed my Disney charges. I have two charges for The Plaza restaurant on the same day. We had breakfast there one morning but no other time. How hard will it be to have the second charge removed? One charge is for $64.67 and the other for $67.38. They are back to back on the statement and we only had three people in our group.

Now that I are out of the bubble, $64.67 is a lot for three at breakfast but at the time I was soooo happy with my Mickey waffle. I won’t be quite as happy of that waffle costs me double :slight_smile:


Do you know which is the correct one? Call your card issuer and do a chargeback. This is just like any other double charge. Card companies deal with this all the time.

Several years ago, I had a double charge from BOG. I emailed Disney with an explanation and a copy of my actual receipt. I got a fairly quick response and they issued me a credit.

Yes, I have a copy of the correct charge receipt. I’m not sure I can call the credit card company. We charged everything to our room so the credit card company only saw a total charge, not individual charges. If Disney doesn’t fix it, I will give the card company a try. Hoping Disney will do the right thing!

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But didn’t you say you saw the double charge on your credit card statement? If it’s on your statement, you can do a chargeback.

But if you can get Disney to resolve it, then that works, too.

It was on the Disney statement that is slipped under the door on the morning of check out. My credit card statement just has the total amount. scrapper1617 gives me hope that Disney will credit my account.

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Disney charged my credit card twice for things charged to the room during our vacation. We were there 10 days and I think after a certain day they charge your card for everything on the room and then the day you check out the remaining balance. However, for me, they didn’t do the remaining balance they charged me everything again plus the new stuff. I was able to call and they refunded the money pretty easily. I had to scan/email them a credit card statement showing the dates of the two charges and they referenced it with my room receipt. It took about a week to ten days for it all to be refunded, but the process was pretty simple. I would just call guest relations and explain the situation. I imagine it would be a similar process for dining.

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I remember calling the hotel I stayed and got a new room print out(several years ago) and then I had something to double check with my receipts. They mailed it to me no problem. Good Luck

I’d be shocked if they didn’t

Well I don’t know if I am more surprised that I only had to hold 2 minutes with Guest Services or if they were so easy about the refund. Either way, I got a refund! Thanks for all the suggestions! And some lucky family didn’t get charged for their breakfast at The Plaza on 2/17/2019…I hope they enjoyed their Disney pixie dust breakfast!


I hope our problem is resolved as easily as yours! On day 5 of our stay Disney charged the balance to my credit card. We wanted to pay with a gift card so we went down, asked them to refund the credit card, and use the gift card balance. They used the gc balance, but we realized today they never refunded the credit card - $772! We need to get it straightened but need to find time between 9 and 5.

erinkippen, the Guest Services CM I spoke with was incredibly helpful and it took maybe 5 minutes to get the charge reversed. I called at 4:30. Maybe later in the day is better? Good Luck!

PS…I sent an email to Guest Services 3 days ago and still haven’t heard from them. Definitely call!