Incorporating touring plans into a Make a Wish trip

A few years ago we used TP to have an awesome WDW trip during a busy time of year. We were able to do everything we wanted with minimal waiting times and honestly I loved the planning.

This year we are returning to WDW (and US too this time) as part of a Make a Wish trip for my youngest. These trips are completely orchestrated by our wish agency and Give Kids the World. We are fortunate to get 3 days WDW park hoppers with a Wish pass. It’s not a DAS pass, but comes with similar privileges. This wish pass allows us all to go to the Genie/lightening lanes at all rides at our convenience. We do not get set times, we just walk up whenever we want.

I have subscribed to TP bc I love the features, but I wonder how to incorporate the touring plans given that we will have like unlimited, un-timed lightening lane/genie.

Just walking around the park in order wouldn’t seem the best option, due to changing crowds. I’m the type of person who needs to have a plan mapped out. How would you set-up/use TP given we are lucky enough to have the wish pass?



Agree, map out your plan first. If needed, you can compare it with an optimized TP plan. But in your situation, your preferences are the way to go. After you decide the order of attractions, just go through your touring plan and enter LL return times for each attraction. Then you will be able to get a good estimate of what you can get done in a day. (or part day)

I would plan my day around crowds still. Then tour the park with the least amount of walking, ending in the part of the park that you would most like to experience at night. Plug in the things that aren’t LL. Optimize. Then just plug in rides entering an LL time, one or 2 at a time, evaluate then plug in 1 or 2 more and so on.