Incorporating rider switch into Personalized Touring Plans?

Any suggestions for how to use rider switch with PTPs? We will be visiting in November, and our party includes my husband and me, our 2 older kids (12 and 14), and our 2 year-old. We will be taking advantage of rider switch on attractions that our 2 yo can’t ride. Should we try to incorporate this into the TP somehow? Would using the switch pass right after the first group rides throw off the timing of the plan? Should we save the rider switch passes until later in the day, after we have completed the TP?

A related question…although we will all be sticking together for the most part, there may be a few times when one adult will ride a height-restricted ride with the older kids while the other adult takes the 2 yo to another attraction that the older kids aren’t interested in. Should we account for those “diversion attractions” somehow when we make our PTP? Or should we just leave them out of the plan and find something nearby with a low wait-time to do with the little guy while waiting for the rest of the party to finish their ride?

When you make your PTPs you can specify that you are going to do Rider Swap on a given attraction that has it, and it will incorporate it into the plan. You can specify this either when you are making you initial attraction selections, or you can click “Edit” on a plan step.

Oh, thanks so much for that information! I did not see that feature when I was making my initial PTP. I will have to look for it. Wonderful!

I finished making my PTPs, and I did see and use the Rider Switch option on there. Thanks for pointing that out to me. So are the times reflected in the PTP taking the time to use the switch pass into consideration? It looks to me like they are. I was wondering if we are running behind on our touring plan, if saving the switch passes until later in the day and just moving on to the next attraction in the plan would help us make up some time.

I don’t think it would save you any time, as you are still doing the same attractions but just in a different order. If you find that you are significantly off-schedule after completing a Rider Switch you might want to re-optimize your plan via the app. Just be sure to mark off everything you have completed as “Done”, ticking off the most recent thing you have completed last so that the app knows where you are.