Including WS M&Gs in TPs

Other than inserting a break into your plan or increasing the total time for each pavilion, is there any way to add character M&Gs in the WS to your plan? Also I’m not having Sergio as an option for attractions…is he not listed either?

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For M&Gs all I find in drop down is Anna and Elsa. But Sergio is in drop down for shows/diversions. I go end of October. Maybe Sergio not available when you go? But I normally just add in lots of breaks for WS

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Any characters without designed queues aren’t available to officially put in your TP. As you mentioned I, too, extend each WS Pavilion time 20 minutes to allot for this.

I have run into the same issue that you are describing with Sergio, and I discovered that it has to do with the day of the week you are visiting Epcot. Some days Sergio is available as an option in the drop down box, and that he wasn’t on other days. My UNEDUCATED guess is that Sergio has days off, and that TP knows which days those are. I’ve run into the same issue with Serveur Amusant.

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Oh well I hadn’t even considered that! Interesting. I hope he’ll be there! We’re hoping to see him on a Friday which would be kind of a weird day off I would think.

Looking at this week’s Times Guide, July 7-13, Sergio is there Sunday through Thursday, but not Friday or Saturday. Other performers have other combinations of days off. . Of course, who knows if this pattern happens during your dates.

ETA: This was LAST week’s, but it’s the most recent one posted on that site.


My UNEDUCATED guess is now an EDUCATED guess thanks to @mkmuzzy !
Appreciate the link!

But a question remains… what does this man with such diverse talents do with his days off?

Thanks for the kind words. Many things in life can turn into another “learning opportunity” - a phrase often said with a smile around our house, especially when things don’t go as expected.