In the park - need guidance

Hi, we’re here on vacation. I noticed a couple things and need some opinions or solutions.

  1. I have a memory maker but noticed some photos haven’t uploaded. Where do I go to work these issues out? For example, at space mountain, I tapped my magic band at the photo kiosk and it turned green, but they haven’t uploaded.

  2. There are photos taken at some rides but you don’t scan your magicband anywhere unless you have a fastpass. Where do I get these photos? For example, at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, A cast member said it would upload to my magicband, but I went through the standby.

  3. Everyone in my group has a cough, stuffy nose or sore throat, including me. Just wondering if this is part of the vacation package, I’ve never done a long family trip like this. It’s really hot this week, we’ve been outdoors all day except the 15 minutes on the bus or train and our lunch break. Many of the rides have an indoor Section at some point. But I find it strange. Just curious.

  4. Does Disney have a bad behavior system? We had a family jump in line. Fortunately we had a cast member pull them out but that was after 45 minutes waiting to reach the check in point to ask for help including 20 minutes of which begging the group to leave and the remainder being an uncomfortable wait in line with them.

Thank you

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1 - It can take 24+ hours for some photos to upload. You can check with the PhotoPass shop at the front of the park, but odds are high there is just a delay in them uploading.

2 - It should still go to your magic band.

3 - You’re in an area with lots of people, lots of germs, going all out which runs you down, plus the heat to air conditioning transitions. Add to that if you flew down all the stuff with flying. It’s just colds - not uncommon at all.

4 - Not really.

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We had some pictures that didn’t upload. For some reasons my daughter’s magic band didn’t send them to our account. I called when we got back and they found them. We also apparently didn’t tap in at the right time for test track because we didn’t have our pics from that ride but someone else’s. I didn’t sweat that because I think it would have been hard to rectify.

Regarding number four, I feel grace is the best answer. Not even for them, but for your own well being.

There is something inherently unjust to most of us when we see line jumpers, and sometimes they really are just jerks. But, there could be other factors. Unfortunately the rules don’t accommodate such scenarios…

  1. They were in line already but had to get out due to some unforeseen circumstances (sudden need to use restroom, feeling sick or nervous, etc)
  2. Part of their group was already in line and we’re separated (possibly for reasons same as 1) and they were trying to get back together
  3. They really are just clueless, not necessarily jerks!
  4. They are jerks, in which case they don’t care what others think already. Let them live in their selfishness without letting it spoil your own enjoyment. After all, at worst the line jumpers might add a minute or two to your wait.

It isn’t really about what is fair. But letting it upset you can ruin your own experience. I had one instance where some line jumpers kept letting their friends join them. We we’re right behind them. I started to get upset about it and eventually called them out. They just looked at me like I was crazy and didn’t do anything. Only now I was just more upset and a little nervous having them in front of me in line. I decided it would have been better if I had just turned a blind eye to it for my own sake. Clearly I wasn’t going to be the one to make them have their come-to-Jesus moment or anything!


Regarding pictures I just came back from WDW and they have been experiencing some problems with photopass and fastpasses so it might take longer to load your pictures on MDE. Some ride pictures (7dmt, sdd, ee…) took more than one day and one meet and greet in particular during mnsshp took almost a week. Just remember that once those “missing pictures” load they will not show as “newer”. You will have to scroll down and check the exact day on your MDE.

But my tip is this one. Should you have any problem you can always stop by the Photopass shop on Disney springs. It took them no more than 5 minutes to find my picture on avatar and link to my account.

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Thank you all. Very helpful. Regarding #4 it was 100% jerkdom, in a 75 minute wait. This one was not excusable.

#3 Maybe not “sick” at all. I learned years ago (OK, decades) that my sinuses flair up whenever I am someplace different (aka not home). I react to the different temperatures, humidity, and stuff in the air. It makes my sinuses drip and I look like I have a cold.
So I bring medication (my current favorite is Mucinex) and a supply of handkerchiefs. Hankies don’t fall apart and stick your face. Plus I’ve used them other ways in emergencies (wiping sticky faces, a wet head covering in a hot que, etc).
So this is just another version of “poncho up and carry on”. Drink plenty of water and have fun!