In room babysitting at Disney World?

I have a friend coming to Disney in March and they want to have a date night. They are looking for a babysitter to come in to their room. Anyone use any of the services for in room babysitting or have a local babysitter they would recommend?

I have used Kid’s Night Out twice. It’s not cheap, but I have been very pleased with the service. My kids were 5/7 the first time and 7/9 the second time, so would spend some time with the sitter in the arcade and then order pizza to the room. For younger kids, they bring games and art supplies to entertain the kids with until bedtime.

The only thing that the sitters from this service can’t do is give them baths or take them to the pool – basically, no water-based activities.

Are the kid’s clubs not an option?

For me at least, I wanted the kids to be able to go to bed.

Same here…my friend wants her son to be able to go to bed so she is preferring an in-room option. I’ll have her look into Kids Nite Out. Thanks!

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