In preparation for the trip

What do you do just before your Disney trip?

Can’t speak for you, but here is what I made…just for the fun of it.


We basically do this every Saturday :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Great job! Are you going to compare this picture to all pancakes next week?


except the challenge @ryan1


That looks yummy! I can cook an array of things, haven’t quite mastered pancakes :joy: (im a waffle gal anyway)

Is your wife making Christmas masks?

We usually make t-shirts before going to WDW. Perhaps not this year as we all seem to have a bunch of Disney Christmas shirts.

If they still fit the last month of 2020. :smirk:

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Yes. We have three styles of Christmas masks…matching. You will see them during the trip report!



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Ur lucky! My DH has to deal with what we got. Im not sewing inclined, just etsy inclined. Didnt buy Christmas one, lol. He’ll be “cute” for Christmas bc I bought the styles for me :joy: he had a Saints and a grey one he primarily wears. He’ll have to wear some of mine for the trip.


Speaking of Christmas, we spent most of today putting up Christmas. But for our small bathroom, we asked our daughter to do three original scenes that work together. Here is the look! Turned out great.


These are lovely. Kudos to your daughter!

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Christmas time doesn’t start till tomorrow :joy::joy::joy: but its beautiful :hugs: Biggest thing my kiddos did was throw fake snow all over the living room one year :woman_facepalming:

Will you be visiting DS during your trip?

Probably just once, the day we have a Raglan Rd ADR. Not sure we will end up actually staying there too long, depending on crowds. We actually moved our Raglan Rd. reservation from Friday to Monday in hopes to experience lower crowds at DS. When we were there in August, I was there Friday evening to activate my AP and it was insane. Don’t want to repeat that!

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Yeah weekends are nutty, especially over the holiday season. Smart to move it to Monday.

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Our favorite! Have you been before?

We always go there on our trips, except the very first (not there yet) and our last (chose Cookes of Dublin instead). We only did one indoor dining on our last trip, and that was at the sacred place because I was just so hot.

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Nope! This is our first time. Looking forward to it!


For my grandniece’s big birthday weeklong bash last year she opted for Raglan Road as her big supper celebration. DH and our ex-DiL danced a jig outside while waiting to be seated. My grandniece says the best thing was the entertainment. She says her shepherd’s pie at Raglan Road was really good, but feels this last weekend’s shepherd’s pie at McGuire’s (Destin area) was a tiny bit better.

That said, so far we’re not planning a trip to DS this time around.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but ask for a table to see the show. It’s worth the wait.

Thanks. I will keep that in mind!

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