In park stroller rental

We decided to do in park stroller rental for my 6 and 8 yo. Before you tell me it’s better to rent offsite - I literally only want them for the parks. I’m not dealing with it at the resort or buses.

Are the rental kiosks before or after security? I know they’re near the entrance. How long is the line if you’re arriving a little bit after park open?

We reted the in park strollers in October for my 7yo for the same reason. He needed a sit down every once in a while and didnt want to drag anything onto buses and such. Especially while park hopping. They were a great option. The stroller rental is after security after you tap in. Trying to remember exactly where. I know AK was on the right side and so was HS. Pretty sure MK was on the left side after entrance. Epcot on the right. Its a little cheaper to pay for multiple days. Just keep the reciept and then bring it with you to whatever park you go to, show them the reciept amd they give you a stroller. I did get a double even though it was only for one kid. Just more room.

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Thanks. Was there much of a line?

There was never more than one or 2 people in line. It was always a quick process and once you pay the first time it is usually a quick grab and go.

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The rental desks are always after security, usually with Guest Services - the maps in MDE indicate the exact location if you want to plan ahead. The CMs are super efficient, we’ve also never encountered a long line there, even at RD.